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We need YOU to join the cause in making a possitive difference on our environment for hentai XXX  generations to come!


Our planet takes care of all sex xxx us – but now our planet needs OUR help.


We all want a clean ocean… and we CAN make that happen!

Let's Work to CHANGE This:

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Tsunamis and Hurricanes in the Pacific Ocean

Tsunamis Almost eighty percent of the world’s tsunamis occur in the Pacific Ocean. This is because of the Ring of Fire, an area which starts in New Zealand and runs Indonesia, Papau New Guinea, Indonesia, the coastline of Asia, and extends along the North American coastline. The name tsunami originated from Japan, the country which

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The Pacific Ocean Is Filling Up with Our Pollution

What is the world’s largest landfill? Perhaps it’s a responsibly made dump? No, in fact, it’s the Pacific Ocean. The Pacific Ocean, our dear life-sustaining beautiful force, has been filled with three and one half million tons of trash. But our brains cannot even comprehend how much that really is so let’s put it into

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Twenty Two Facts About the Pacific Ocean!

Twenty Two Facts About the Pacific Ocean! 1. The Pacific Ocean is the earth’s biggest ocean. 2. It covers 63.8 million square miles of the world. 3. The Pacific Ocean makes up forty six percent of the water surface on the world. 4. The very last ocean found by the Europeans was the Pacific Ocean.

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